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I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for 2 years now. I LOVE it. Why? I LOVE knowing that my business is a direct reflection of what I put into it. Period! No boss, no hours, no office politics…oh, and I get paid to workout & eat well. It motivates me like nothing else. I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to have a business where my growth potential is unlimited but my overhead is minuscule and will never really increases.

I know direct sales, network marketing, MLM companies or whatever you call them get a bad rap, but I am 100% convinced that this is one of the most brilliant business models ever conceived IF you find a company, like Beachbody, with integrity and great products. Why?

- No product development
- No shipping, ordering, storing products, or returns
- Minimal overhead
- Success is direct reflection of how much you help others succeed
- Work from home
- Get choose WHO you work with
- You get OUT what you put IN
- CEO authority over how you run your business

When I became a Beachbody Coach, I did it for fun. I wanted to pay it forward to other women who where struggling & needed help. My passion for the business side of things flourished quickly & before I knew it, I had gone from a Stay At Home Mom to a Work At Home Mom. In the last two years, I’ve met some amazing people and had some amazing experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I wouldn’t trade this business for anything. I love it. Really love it. No, I don’t always feel like doing it. Yes, I do it any way.

BUT listen! You cannot build a full time or six-figure income in two years by treating a business like a hobby. Why does no one ever talk about this? You CAN build a six-figure income in an insanely short amount of time working from home & doing something that you love if:

1. You are disciplined. Not just in your own fitness journey but in your business journey. You have to show up every day as the CEO and make the hard decisions, push yourself way out of your comfort zone, and be willing to fail.

2. You see the big picture & are patient. This business is about relationships. It’s about serving others, not building your income. It takes time for people to catch on to what you’re doing, to want to participate, to see that YOU are committed to this. It will happen if you are disciplined, but it takes time.

3. You are willing to commit 100%. If you’re not sure about this whole “coaching” thing, how do you expect others to be 100% sure about walking along side of you in their journey? I struggled with this at first big time. I was so nervous about being judged that I practically apologized for being a Coach before I said anything else! I’ve come a long way in that department. :)

These things come naturally to some people and not to others. It doesn’t matter what comes naturally to you. It ONLY matters that you are willing to work on developing the skills you need to succeed consistently, every day. I don’t have the fastest growing business in the world because I’ve got two toddlers at home, but it’s growing steadily & set to out earn my old attorney gig this year. Seriously? Seriously. I literally have to pinch myself some days – it seems to good to be true.

If any of the following describes you:

• Have the itch to start your own business
• Have a desire to work on your own fitness journey (no matter if you have 100 pounds to lose or are a fitness professional) & share it with others
• Are willing to carve out 45 minutes to an Hour every day to make your dream a reality so that you can live a life you design
• Are willing to be uncomfortable, disciplined, and consistent

I would like to personally invite you to join me tonight on a live webinar at 6:30 pst, 7:30 mst, 8:30 cst, 9:30 est. I will be sharing my coaching story in greater detail & explaining more about what Beachbody Coaching is all about. Plug in this URL address 5-10 minutes before the webinar and tune in with me (you can listen and watch, but don’t worry we can’t see you)! 

Find out more, no obligation, about what has been the biggest blessing, most fun venture, crazy amazing opportunity that has ever fallen into my lap!


Me and the boysMeagan is a 30 something year old wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast (fanatic?).She loves being a boy mom, fitness, cooking healthy food, and working from her dining room.   In the last year and half she helped over one hundred people lose hundreds of pounds & inches.  Her goal is to help women, and especially women with post-baby bodies, live happier lives with more self-confidence than ever before. She knows that once there is some fun put into fitness (with a little bit of family), the sky is the limit!  Her mission is helping people become healthy, fit, and financially free so they can lead fulfilling, vibrant lives. If you’d like to know more about becoming or staying fit physically or financially, e-mail her today!


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