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Go guilt free with this premium nutrition shake.  

You don’t have to sacrifice your diet when you’re in a hurry.


This patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. A blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics helps your body progressively eliminate the toxins that build up over time from eating today’s highly processed foods. At the same time, whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to curb cravings, allowing your body to shed stored fat while the more than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke.  

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This is the PERFECT solution for busy women who want an all-natural,

fast alternative when they’re on the go. 

My first reaction when I tried Shakeology was “uhh wow…I get to have this every day? It’s amazing!” The second thing I noticed was how full I stayed all morning after having it for breakfast. Over time I realized I had decreased cravings and made better food choices throughout the day. It’s my daily dose of dense nutrition and I love it because it gives me the energy to keep up with my kids!

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Learn more about the science behind Shakeology.

How Do You Use Shakeology?

Depending on how you mix it, Shakeology can be  a meal replacement, snack, or pre/post workout drink. It’s completely up to you!  

How Do You Make Shakeology?

Shakeology can be mixed with water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water, juice, ect!  You can customize it to suit your tastebuds and needs.  Most people add their choice of milk, some fruit, healthy fat (almond butter, ect), and ice.  I recommend blending, not shaking, for the best flavor.

What Flavors Are Available?

Shakeology comes in three regular flavors that contain whey protein: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.  If you are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy, Shakeology also comes in two Vegan flavors that are 100% dairy free: Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry.


Is It Just Another Diet Shake?

No!  Shakeology is an all natural daily dose of dense nutrition.  It’s an easily digestable, daily multi-vitamin with tons of added benefits that you can’t find in over-the-counter multi-vitamins (pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, ect).  Shakeology is unlike anything else on the market.  It contains ZERO preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and is derived from whole foods.

30 Day Bottom Of The Bag Guarantee 

A 30 day supply of Shakeology retails for $129.00.  If you are not completely satisfied with Shakeology, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund (minus S&H).  So even if the bag is EMPTY, you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the product.  If you prefer, you can also try a sampler pack of 4 for $19.95 by clicking HERE.

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