Raspberry Ketones – Scam Or Miracle Weight Loss Supplement?



I set aside a couple of hours to look into the hype behind Raspberry Ketones last week. Turns out, I didn’t need that much time to realize the overwhelming consensus is that the supplement is not a magic weight loss solution. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just pop a pill and lose weight without changing any of our habits? I must disclaim that I did not read any of the rat research and relied on Consumer Reports, news outlets, and medical experts to sum it up for me. These aren’t my opinions, these are what the experts and reporters discovered.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Raspberry ketone supposedly helps to enhance activity of a hormone that regulates blood glucose and body weight. I’m not even sure what that means. In stay-at-home-mom speak, it’s supposed to mean that it “slices up fat molecules” and helps the body “burn fat easier.” There is no evidence to back up these claims though, and in the scientific community this kind of “pseudo-science” speak is pretty much meaningless. To date there is not even one human study demonstrating any weight loss at all as a result of consuming raspberry ketone.

The Dr. Oz Factor

I’ll admit I’ve watched my share of Dr. Oz episodes. Usually, the show ends and I feel like I didn’t learn anything but had a great time doing it. His show appears to be responsible for the Raspberry Ketone frenzy. His segment featured Lisa Lynn, who Dr. Oz referred to as a weight loss expert. Lisa Lynn is not a nutritionist, a nurse or medical doctor. She has a certificate for exercise training from the International Sports Sciences Association and she sells raspberry ketone supplements. I personally don’t think that makes her a “weight loss expert” qualified to speak about the nutritional biochemistry of ketones and fat metabolism, but now that you know the whole truth you can form your own opinion.

Yeah, But People Say It Worked For Them

I could only locate one article from Women Magazine where someone actually lost weight after taking the supplement for 4 weeks. She also did a cleanse for 4 weeks while taking it, so I’m not impressed by her results and a little frustrated that she claimed her results were actually from the raspberry keytone. Plus, the fact that there’s a big “ORDER NOW” button at the bottom of the article is pretty big red flag.

Experts think there could be a placebo affect for some people who take it, meaning they think it will work so it works.

If You’re Going to Try It Any Way

The supplement should be derived from real red raspberries, a 1,000mg daily dose, and no additional ingredients. Many brands do not pass this criteria. Some companies fill their supplements with cheap fillers, binders, and other synthetic ingredients. Choose your supplement wisely.

At the end of the day, the science of weight loss is still well established. Reduce calories, eat less processed foods, exercise regularly to burn calories, and you will lose weight steadily. Fail to engage in these fundamental activities, and chances are nothing will happen. You can spend 4 weeks taking raspberry keytone and see no results. Eat well and workout for those 4 weeks and you are practically guarantee weight loss. The raspberry ketone craze appears to prey on people desperate for an easy fix, and massively under-delivering on results.




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