Making Sense of Superfoods


In recent years, the term “superfood” has been thrown around a lot, and may have caused you some confusion. The confusing part is often that no two lists of these miracle foods ever tend to be the same. This is because the foods considered superfoods are subjective.

What Makes a Food Super?

The term “superfood” is a blanket term typically used to describe any food that is densely packed with vitamins, nutrients and/or antioxidants. These are foods that are considered to be particularly beneficial to your health, providing a wide variety of health benefits from weight loss to a strengthened immune system.

Below are a few examples of foods that are commonly labeled as superfoods.


As on this list, blueberries will often come first in lists of superfoods. This is because you will be hard-pressed to find another food that packs so many vitamins and so much fiber into such a small space.

It is important to note, as Live Science has, that most other berries are almost or equally as healthful as blueberries. If you prefer blackberries or cranberries, you will still be doing your body a great service when you have a handful of these.


Spinach is more than just a food that makes cartoon characters strong. It is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Lutein and other important nutrients. Similar to the berries, most dark leafy green vegetables are going to be very good for your diet. Spinach in particular is considered to be good for your immune system, your eyesight and your cardiovascular health.


Speaking of your heart health, salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids to help in this area. It is also a very lean source of protein, making it a great way to get the fuel you need for your workouts.

Dark Chocolate

In need of desert? Have a small serving of dark chocolate, which also contains antioxidants. Dark chocolate has actually been linked to lowered blood pressure and improved heart health.

I get my daily dose of superfoods in Shakeology, but I also try to add in as many of these foods into my diet as possible. This is one of my favorite, simple superfood treat!


Raspberries With Whipped Coconut Cream


½ cup of raspberries
1 can of coconut cream chilled for at least an hour in the refrigerator
1 tbls of pure maple syrup or raw honey
1 tsp of vanilla


Place the coconut cream, syrup, and vanilla into a mixing bowl. Whip them together. Top Raspberries with one or two tablespoons of the cream and save the rest for later! The leftover cream is delicious on waffles, fruit, and on top of smoothies!



Meagan NorrisMeagan is a 30 something year old wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast (fanatic?).She loves being a boy mom, fitness, cooking healthy food, and working from her dining room.   In the last year and half she helped over one hundred people lose hundreds of pounds & inches.  Her goal is to help women, and especially women with post-baby bodies, live happier lives with more self-confidence than ever before. She knows that once there is some fun put into fitness (with a little bit of family), the sky is the limit!

Her mission is helping people become healthy, fit, and financially free so they can lead fulfilling, vibrant lives. If you’d like to know more about becoming or staying fit physically or financially, e-mail her today!


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