Green Grapefruit Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie


I’m generally not a green smoothie or green juice fan. I like adding green veggies to my otherwise fruity smoothies or Shakeology, but just greens with a side of green apple is not for me. So call me pregnant (7 months to be exact), but while scrolling/trolling Pinterest the other day I actually had an intense graving for a GREEN smoothie. I followed several links to different blogs but none of them appealed to me (I’m sorry but celery and cucumber and mint blended do NOT excite my palate).

The craving was pretty intense so I decided to wing it with what I had in the house and BOOM! I hit the jackpot and knew I had to share this with you ASAP! This smoothie is just barely sweet, but has no bitter green flavor typically associated with … grass…I mean super green smoothies.


 Grapefruit Green Smoothie

It turned out so lovely I’ve had one every day since. It’s slightly sweet initially (slightly) and then the grapefruit flavor kicks in as an afterthought. Why have I never seen grapefruit in a smoothie recipe before? It’s such a brilliant, wonderful fruit! It’s definitely a must try.

Any way, this is ah-mazing & I highly recommend it if you are new to green smoothies, or like me, just don’t care to acquire the taste of them.


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