Find Healthy For You

Find Healthy for You

With Pinterest and social media today it’s easy to think that there are only two options: obesity or extreme fitness. Why aren’t there more images and examples of moms who want to fall somewhere in between those two extremes? What’s really important is finding healthy for you. Where do I fit into this as a mom who just wants to be healthy but not necessarily have 14% body fat?

I fit in here:

I don’t eat healthy foods because I want to be skinny, or because I’m attached to some ideological diet, or because I want to be better than someone else.

I eat healthy because I actually feel better when I do….yes, so much so that it’s usually not hard to turn down junk because I know how I’ll feel right after I eat it. Bloated, sinus drainage, groggy, bleh.

I’m not perfect. I eat processed junk and have to be reminded how yucky I feel when I do eat it. Some times it’s worth it.

I love feeling fit and strong. Skinny is not the goal.

I’m a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, mentor when I take care of myself.

I don’t care about having a 6 pack as much as I care about having balance, feeling good in my clothes, and rocking some confidence.

I want to set a good example for my kids. They may not eat brussel sprouts now but maybe if they see me eating them for long enough, they will try them one day,

I share my journey with you because I believe that it’s OK to not want to be a body builder or fitness competitor with cut arms and a perfectly round booty (if that’s your goal though, hello awesome!). It’s ok to not be a size 2. It’s ok to just want to be healthy, have balance, and be you.

Megean and the boysMeagan is a 30 something year old wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast (fanatic?).She loves being a boy mom, fitness, cooking healthy food, and working from her dining room.   In the last year and half she helped over one hundred people lose hundreds of pounds & inches.  Her goal is to help women, and especially women with post-baby bodies, live happier lives with more self-confidence than ever before. She knows that once there is some fun put into fitness (with a little bit of family), the sky is the limit!  Her mission is helping people become healthy, fit, and financially free so they can lead fulfilling, vibrant lives. If you’d like to know more about becoming or staying fit physically or financially, e-mail her today!

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