5 Common Sense Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Common Sense

We are so bombarded these days with information on how to lose weight, what works and what doesn’t. I dare you to google “weight loss” and read for 20 minutes without your heading spinning. If you weren’t confused before that, I can guarantee you will be afterwards. I’m such a no nonsense person – I just want you to give it to me straight without all the fluff. Why not get back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle? I promise that if you focus on healthy living and making these 4 things common practice, weight loss will be an oh-so-fabulous side effect. It will just happen naturally and quickly.

1. More Sleep.

Duh. Right? Easier said than done. Right? Sleep is non-negotiable. We have to have it to function in the world. Our bodies have to have it in order to function properly. Things like metabolism, levels of stress hormones, and appetite are all greatly affected by lack of sleep…and not in a good way. Chronic sleep deprivation can actually cause weight gain along with a whole host of other unpleasant conditions like high blood pressure and heart attack. If you can’t find time to sleep for 7-9 hours a night, you must re-evaluate things. That may sound harsh but until you can get enough sleep, nothing is ever going to feel great or come together like you want it too!

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2. Limit Processed Foods.

It sounds so great to say, “I limit processed foods!” Yay! But what does it really mean? What and how much you limit is up to you, but I think that in this case, more is actually better. Generally, I think of processed food as any pre-packaged food with more than two or three ingredients. Here are my general guidelines when deciding something is not consumption worthy:

• It has more than two or three ingredients. Frozen broccoli should only say “broccoli” next to ingredients.
• I found it in the center isles of the grocery store. With the exception of grains, most things in the middle of the store are highly processed with lots of junk.
• I found it in a convenience or gas station store. Even the nuts and dried fruits in these places are FULL of truly awful things like sugar, nitrates, and other preservatives.
• I found it in a drive through. In a pinch, ok fine some of the salads are edible, but even those are topped with meat that’s processed.

3. Don’t Go Back For Seconds, Ever.

This is the simplest thing in the world, but not always easy to do. Our perceptions of serving sizes are skewed. Chances are you had plenty to eat in your first round. If you’re still hungry an hour later, have a snack instead of another plate of food.

4. Drink Water & Only Water.

We hear this so much now that it’s almost like white noise when someone says, “drink more water!” A cup of coffee is fine. Herbal tea? Go for it. Our bodies are more water than anything else so water intake is actually required for it to function properly. If you’re already drinking only water, that’s amazing! Keep it up. If you’re not, it just makes sense to start. It’s a simple way to see immediate improvements in how you feel and in your waistline. Ditch the sodas, alcohol and juices and drink water!

5. Be More Active.

You don’t have to commit to doing Insanity or P90X. You simply need to increase your activity level. Shoot for 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week. If you hate exercise, get outside, play with your kids, turn up the music and dance, or go for a walk. Not only will you feel amazing from those endorphins, you’ll also speed up weight loss. As you become more active, keep working on being even MORE active. If you only have 30 minutes, that’s ok just make those 30 minutes a little more intense over time. Keep challenging yourself! The rewards of accomplishing something you thought you couldn’t are just as profound as dropping a clothing size.

There are always exceptions, I certainly haven’t covered every “what if” here, and I’m not saying you need to be perfect all of the time to make progress. Generally, if you do these five things you’re going to feel better, make better choices, lose weight, feel better, make better choices….you get my drift.

Meagan Norris- Beachbody CoachMeagan is a 30 something year old wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast (fanatic?).She loves being a boy mom, fitness, cooking healthy food, and working from her dining room.   In the last year and half she helped over one hundred people lose hundreds of pounds & inches.  Her goal is to help women, and especially women with post-baby bodies, live happier lives with more self-confidence than ever before. She knows that once there is some fun put into fitness (with a little bit of family), the sky is the limit!  

Her mission is helping people become healthy, fit, and financially free so they can lead fulfilling, vibrant lives. If you’d like to know more about becoming or staying fit physically or financially, e-mail her today!

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