30 Day No Sugar Detox – Surviving the First Week


Today marks Day 6 of my 30 Day No Sugar Detox. If you’re following me on my Facebook page you know the story. I’ve had enough junk, enough exhaustion, and enough cravings – I couldn’t take it any more! I decided to start a 30 Day No Sugar Detox and hopefully get YOU in on it with me. It’s not too late to join us if you haven’t started, and I encourage you to set your own guidelines for the 30 days! For me, No Sugar means fruit is OK but the following are off limits for 30 Days:

• Refined white sugar
• Agave
• Honey
• Maple Syrup
• Juice
• Cane Sugar
• Corn Syrup

I realize now that I did not make things any easier on myself by deciding to start the 30 days in the middle of March. Not only are my eyes swimming in a sea of Easter candy everywhere I go, but we’ve got two family birthdays and I’m 7 months pregnant! I never did like making things easier on myself though, so why start now? I’m glad I didn’t over think starting – some times you have to just go for it.

In the past 6 days I’ve noticed several things that I thought were worth pointing out.

I Eat A Lot Of Sugar!

This may seem obvious, but, MAN, I was having a little bit (or a lot) all day long. A little raw honey or maple syrup in the morning, coconut sugar in my coffee, sweetened almond butter for a snack, sugar for afternoon snack…treat after dinner. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know how bad. Like many things, it took distancing myself from it to fully appreciate how dependent my body and routine were on sugar consumption through out the day.

The First Three Days…SUCK

I almost felt like I had the flu for the first three days. I just wanted to put my head down and sleep, and I was Mrs. Grumpy (trying not to take her poor judgment out on her kids). Lots of water and as much rest as possible helped some, but not much. I made sure I stayed well fed all day so that I didn’t have hunger crashes on top of trying to get through the initial detox phase. Ultimately, these days just sucked!

By day 4 I was starting to feel like a whole new wonderful person. If you’re just starting, hang in there through those first few days. It gets better quickly!

Sugar Crowds Out Real Food & Scrambles Hunger Cues

I was substituting sugar for other important nutrients and then had no appetite for the good foods my body needed to function. I could stomach a few brussel sprouts at dinner because I wasn’t hungry from my afternoon sugary snacks, but then could manage downing a banana drizzeled with honey and chocolate chips (or a bowl of ice cream). No wonder I was so tired all the time. This is the expressway to the hamster wheel of poor eating: I’m tired because I ate poorly, so I eat poorly, then I’m tired because I ate poorly. Once I started fueling my body with actual nutrients, I noticed an immediate change in how my hunger cues worked. I’m hungry, I eat, I get full, I stop. It’s so much easier to read the signals now!

It Was More About Habit Than About Treats

I consumed the most sugar during afternoon rest time and then after dinnertime when the kids were sleeping. I mentally connected sweet treats with relaxing and my body started to expect the sugar rush at those times. This is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “it’s just a little bit and I’ve been doing great.” STOP! Do not fall for that line of thinking. It’s a slippery slope back to where I was and I don’t want to go back there. My mind and body need more time to reset and I want to take care of this baby.

My new ritual is herbal tea, and if I just can’t take it I’ll slice a green banana and top it with some whipped coconut cream (you can also mash them together and it’s sooo good!).

Pay Attention All You Health Nuts!

I probably sound like a processed, sugary treat addict turned hippy health nut, right? Here’s what’s scary – not many people (including myself) would have looked at my food log and thought “sugar addict!” The sweet stuff made a very subtle and inconspicuous appearance into my daily routine. I eat almost NO processed sugar (an occasional cookie and those dang chocolate raisins) generally. I love to bake Paleo treats though, and I love raw honey, and what’s a Paleo pancake with a little syrup, and I’m pregnant so what’s 3 handfuls of chocolate chips going to hurt.

My point is, even if you’re a health nut, a vegan, a vegetarian, Paleo, ect. you still need to take a hard look at what you’re actually consuming every day. Reading labels (if you don’t already) will blow your mind. Everything from bread to spaghetti sauce to cereal to frozen foods are often laced with refined sugar, corn syrup, or one of their pesky relatives. Be sure you check your labels if you’re taking the challenge. You could be consuming sugar without even knowing it, and that’s no fun!

Me and the boysMeagan is a 30 something year old wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast (fanatic?).She loves being a boy mom, fitness, cooking healthy food, and working from her dining room.   In the last year and half she helped over one hundred people lose hundreds of pounds & inches.  Her goal is to help women, and especially women with post-baby bodies, live happier lives with more self-confidence than ever before. She knows that once there is some fun put into fitness (with a little bit of family), the sky is the limit!  Her mission is helping people become healthy, fit, and financially free so they can lead fulfilling, vibrant lives. If you’d like to know more about becoming or staying fit physically or financially, e-mail her today!

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